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My Birthday ♥

Sorry!longtime did not post.Today is my birthday and many frienz gave me gifts!!!Tk Yan Yee,Anqi,Huang JingTk 4 giving me such nice presents!I really love them!
sorry ,i am rushing towards the PSLE so BB!

Oh...PSLE.. ♥

I am sososososo busy now as I got 2 tutors. Must working hard 4 PSLE !!!My tutors are horrible! They let me 2 memories many compoz...I am going 2 faint again!
I hate TUITION!!
The first thing I am going 2 do is to fire my 2 tutors after PSLE! Of Couse !



Hah Hah!Changed my blogskin just now~~~My blogskin is a bit look like Miffy's one.It is Orange in colour.Sorry Miffy~Not purposely 2 copy urs.I just found that the skin is very nice so I used it.pls dun mind:D~~~
Apologize 2 MIffy><

Snow City ♥

The ice sculpture The igloo Yahoo! Mel treated me 2 Snow City with ZQ,ZQ's family members, ZJ,KHJY(Guess by yourself:D).It was my FIRST TIME and I did not know Singapore got such a COLD place!
The tempreture is abt -6 degree celsius ant it is hotter compare 2 the winter in China. I think maybe I did not wear enough as I only wear 2 pairs of pants , 2 blouses,1 jackets,1 sweater..... :P My whole body became numb and got no feeling at all in the end.I felt that my toes & finger were going to drop off~~~
I liked to spin around when sliding on the snow .It was COOL! I prefer to slide backwards as i found it is more CHANLLENGING !! There were something like 兵马俑 in China but they were “冰”马俑 instead of 兵马俑. They were only ice sculptures.There was an igloo also. It was so small!!! I think maximum 5 persons can go inside.
Sorry...always want 2 write more 2 share with u but my English is really really lame! This is the maximum I can write,please dun mind.BB!


Piano Lesson AGAIN !!! ♥

Piano Lesson AGAIN !!! :(
I hate piano !!!!
I hate piano !!!
I hate piano !!!
There is piano lesson again today!!!
I dun like piano but my mother forces me 2 learn !!

ZT Holiday Party ♥

I went ZhengTian 's house with many friends,ET,MX,QY,ZQ,JN,GL,GA(Guess who they are:D) today.We expected to do many homework together.who knew! We played until ~CRAZY~and forgot abt all homework. We played "TRUTH OR DARE"and I was so ~UNLUCKY~! The first one pointed by the arrow was ME! They asked me abt who I like. HOW DARE THEY ARE!! WATCH OUT!! I WILL REVENGE!!
We ate so many snacks that our stomach was going to ~EXPLODE~!!!Our stomach need 2 digest with some exercise!!So we played "CATCHING".WHAT A HELL! I was the ~FIRST CATCHER~ never mind!! I ran as fast as lightning and caught others in 5 minutes!PRO AH?(just kidding)
The party just ended like that. Look forward 2 the next party!Whose house will it be???


June Holiday !!! ♥

This June Holiday is finally came! so excited! Initially,I want to go back to China but this year i need 2 take PSLE:( So SAD!
This June Holiday is very precious 4 me.I need 2 use the time to catch up with my English. I dun expect that I will become the top but at least I got the confidence that I will become top 42 :DHAHA!!JUST KIDDING!
There are only a few months left until PSLE. I must rush towards the finale line! Qiong AH!
Good Luck 2 all pupils from China, hope U all become English -super-pro after this June holiday! Of Cause!Good Luck 2 all Singaporeans too!!!Hope "A "class average will get 260 above!
However,Enjoy this long holiday!4 Everyone!

My profileY

♥ Name:Ma Ming Yue
OR Rudegirl !!!
♥ Gender:Female
♥ Fairyland:Singapore
♥ Egg Cracked:25/Aug/1995
♥ Horoscope:Virgo
♥ E-Mail:rudegirl1995@hotmail.com
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